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How to..Take Screen Shots of your IPhone Screen

Ever wanted to know how to get great screenshots from your iPhone? It’s really easy. Simply hold down the Home button and press the top (on/off) button. The screen will flash and the screenshot will be saved to your iPhoto library. Works using IPhone 4 with IOS 5. May also work with earlier versions.


How to..Create signature to add to pdf online documents

Use Google Documents to creature your signature.
Save as jpg or png as shown at
You Tube demo
Download and install FREE program Nitro PDF Reader from
Cnet Downloads


How to..Move Wordpress installation

Codex Wordpress
Instructions on how to move your wordpress install to new folder, new server


Free programs for USB

Pendrive Apps
Many FREE programs/apps for your USB sticks and External USB Hard drives


How to: Network Windows 7 computers to WinXP

On the windows 7 machine, go to the network and sharing center. Click on the “Advanced sharing settings”.
Almost towards the bottom, there should be a “File Sharing Connections” section, which is probably defaulted to the 128-bit encryption.
Change it to the 40 or 56 bit encryption and your XP machine should show up.

See further details at

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